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Hilasal Short Review

Don Ricardo Sagrera
Grupo Hilasal
The history of the Hilasal Group dates back to the 19th century when José Sagrera arrived in El Salvador from Spain and established a small workshop where he made very basic fabrics.
In 1942, José's grandson, Ricardo Sagrera, founded Hilasal, a family-owned textile company that mainly manufactured yarn and basic fabrics for the local market. In 1959, the company began producing bath towels and became the first company to manufacture this product in the Central American region.
In 1968, the company began exporting its products to Europe and in 1975, under the leadership of Ricardo Sagrera III, current President and CEO of the Hilasal Group, the first exports to the United States were made. Hilasal currently has a modern, vertically integrated plant in El Salvador. It is currently one of the largest manufacturers of printed beach towels in the world and one of the largest towel manufacturers in North America.

In addition to the towel factory, the group founded Valley Manufacturing, an apparel manufacturing company, in 1992. This division currently operates 9 plants with 4,500 employees, serving prestigious clients such as Under Armour, Champion, Adidas, among others.

In 1993, the group capitalized on synergies and incorporated Export Salva Free Zone, a 288,945 M2 business and a 70-acre Business and Service Park with more than 9,000 employees. The experience of more than 62 years in manufacturing and distribution, along with industry trends motivated us to diversify our business lines, that is how in 2004 Blue Logistics was born in El Salvador and in 2017 BP Logistics in Panama as Regional Distribution Centers (3PL).