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Business Platforms

Light Manufacturing

Light Manufacturing
ExportSalva provides Industrial Buildings ready to start operations immediately or custom Construction of Buildings according to each client specifications, for companies that wish to take the advantage of El Salvador's abundant and productive labor force and the park's excellent working environment.

Logistics and Distribution

El Salvador´s Government has adopted a national policy to change course the country into the Logistics and Distribution Center of Central America. To achieve this goal, it continues to make important investments in infrastructure, also designed the International Services Law that allows Logistics and International Trade Operations in an agile way.

International Trading

Central America is an attractive market of more than 46 million people. Take advantage of the benefits of a tax regime (under El Salvador's Free Trade Zone Law) and have your product in the region, close to your end customers for shorter delivery times.

BPO's and Technology Centers

ExportSalva's abundant source of qualified and fast learning young professionals is the ideal place for BPO's: external services. We have office options available, or we could custom build according to the needs of our clients.